Massage Therapy

All massage treatments provide tension release, stress reduction, circulation enhancement and overall wellness. Most types of massages are offered at 90, 75 or 60 minutes unless otherwise specified.

Deep Tissue Massage
60 min. $110-$140 – 75 min. $130-$160 – 90 min. $150-$180

Hot Stone Massage
60 min. $120-$150 – 75 min. $140-$170 $ – 90 min. $160-$190

Swedish Massage
60 min. $95-$125 – 75 min. $115-$145 – 90 min. $135-$165

Ayurveda Hot Oil Massage
60 min. $120-$150 – 75 min. $140-$170 – 90 min. $160-$190

Lymphatic Massage
60 min. $125 

30 Minute Stress Buster $60-$90

Lymphatic Massage

Manual lymphatic drainage is a type of massage that uses light pressure and gentle, rhythmic strokes to encourage movement of lymphatic fluid out of your limbs and back into circulation. This service is perfect for maintaining healthy lymph movement or reducing swelling from medical treatments or illness. It helps blood circulation, fluid balance and immune functions. Wear comfortable clothing. Check with your doctor if you are unsure if this treatment is appropriate for you.

60 min.  from $125


Cupping Massage

An ancient form of alternative medicine, cupping uses a vacuum approach to apply negative pressure to create suction to decompress soft tissues. Your therapist will place suction cups on specific-needs areas. The cup gently sticks to your skin and lifts underlying soft tissue into the cup. Massage Cupping Therapy softens tight muscles, loosens adhesions, and lifts connective tissue. (Offered by Carrie.)

30 Mins From $80.  60 Mins From $130  90 Mins From $170

Prenatal Massage

Designed to relieve common pregnancy discomforts and promotes mother and baby well being by easing aches and pains.

60 min. $120 – 150 75 min. $140 – $170 – 90 min. $160 – $190.


Ayurveda Hot Oil Massage

This full body hot oil massage will leave your skin soft and your body feeling rejuvenated by helping with circulation, soothing nerves and joints, toning the muscles, detoxifying and balancing energy levels using customizable oils specific to your needs.

60 min. $130 -140 75 min. $150 – $160 – 90 min. $170 – $180.

Assisted Stretch

Assisted Stretch improves flexibility, range of motion, circulation and posture. *Wear comfortable clothing.

30 min. $70-$100.   60 min.  $110-$140


Spa Enhancements

Treatments can be added to most spa services, depending on time and availability.

Milk & Honey Hand Treatment, Seasonal Foot Scrub, Dry Brushing, Hot Stones upgrade.