Botox® softens the muscle movement in the forehead, which leads to smoother skin when smiling, frowning or grimacing. We can use Botox to smooth forehead lines, the 11 lines between your eyes and crows feet. Botox can also be used to treat gummy smiles (lip flip).  Botox is customized to you and your anatomy and can look very natural. This treatment is quick, virtually painless and has no downtime.

Results are not immediate, but will be noticed as early as 2-3 days after treatment, with full results taking up to 14 days. Benefits of your treatment will last 3-4 months on average.

Botox / Dysport Tiered Pricing
$14 per unit for 1 – 30 units
$12 per unit for 31 units and up

Complimentary consultation with a credit card deposit of $50. We have a 48 hour cancellation policy for all injectable appointments and consultations.